Anode Cell For Ced Plant

Indohito Anode Cell

Indohito are manufacturer and supplier of Anode Cell for Electrocoat/CED Coating in a wide variety of qualities, dimensions and options; the ideal mix of product properties can be optimized for each individual electrocoat plant.

Anode cell in a CED (Cathode Electrodeposition) plant refers to the chamber where the anode and cathode plates are placed for the electrocoating process. CED plants are used to apply a protective coating to metal parts through an electrochemical process, also known as Electrodeposition (ED).

In the anode cell, the parts that need to be coated are attached to the cathode plates. The anode plates, which are made of the same metal as the parts being coated, are suspended in a bath of the coating material, usually a water-based emulsion.

As an electric current passes through the cell, metal ions from the anode plates dissolve into the solution and are deposited onto the cathode plates, forming a continuous coating. The coating adheres evenly to the surface of the parts due to the electric charge.

The anode cell is an essential component of CED plants and determines the quality and uniformity of the coating. The size and design of the anode cell depend on the size and type of parts being coated. Regular maintenance of the anode cell, such as cleaning the anode plates and changing the solution, is essential for the proper functioning of the CED plant.